Monday 30 December 2013

Another day, another gale

Lade - mild, overcast, rain, sw 8  - In contrast to yesterdays sunshine and stillness, today saw a return to gale force winds and rain lashing the peninsula. Still, so far it hasn`t been as damaging as last Monday when along with many other properties locally we lost roof tiles and had the garden fence flattened. However, we did venture out this morning to check on the wildfowl, but viewing south pit was difficult as you could barely stand upright such was the buffeting from the elements. Cutting back along the beach wasn`t that much easier either, although the waders didn`t appear to be too bothered. Five Goldeneye on south pit were the only birds of note.
Reflections... - Reflecting upon the past year it is easy to despair of the activities of our fellow man where the fortunes of wildlife are concerned (and, yes in 99% of cases it is men - damn that Y chromosome and testosterone overload). Whether it be the slaughter of Elephants in Africa for the ivory trade, the stripping out of rain forests to grow palm oil, or the Japanese whalers `scientifically` hunting in Antarctic waters, the rape of planet Earth continues apace, mostly to satisfy first world countries with trinkets and luxuries they can do without.
  And you don't have to look too far for examples of wildlife abuse closer to home: hunts still kill foxes with impunity, badgers have been culled for the inadequacies of the farming community, ruddy ducks eliminated for having the temerity to prosper and expand their range after being introduced here by man in the first place, while young Gannets have been used in an `eating competition` in Scotland.
  I could carry on, but I wont, it`s just too depressing. And sadly there is little we can do as individuals, unless you have the time and energy, for example, to become a Greenpeace activist. However, joining an organisation that can influence and help change the world for the better, whether it be at home or abroad, is something we can all do. So why not resolve to take out another good cause membership in 2014.
Have a happy and peaceful New Year.

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