Wednesday, 6 July 2011

An Aestivating Moth...

Moths - cool, wet and windy overnight, warm and sunny later - Poor catches last night due to the strong wind, and at times heavy rain. Two different Dun-bars was the highlight at Plovers, (see below) while something of a gripper on offer at the Kerton Road Cafe as Hawkeye and She-who-Must-be obeyed were mulling over a skittish Noctuid in the shape of a rarely seen Dotted Rustic (less than 20 Dunge records). This LBJ is locally distributed across the country and mainly resident, although this one could possibly be an immigrant. It is something of an enigma as the larva has not been found in the wild, so the food plant is unknown. After emerging adult Dotted Rustics aestivate, (go on, look it up...). So, they fly around a bit, then go into a torpor, (a bit like a teenager) resting up in sheds or behind curtains and the like, before re-emerging again in the autumn.
ARC - 1500hrs A quick look from Screen revealed a large feeding flock of mixed hirundines and Swifts over the lake, 2 Greenshanks, 5 LRP`s, Common and Green Sandpipers on the shingle ridges, plus the ever impressive leucistic Grey Heron in flight.
                                          Two Dun-bars, Plovers

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