Saturday, 2 July 2011


Lade - 0600hrs - warm, sunny, light airs - A stunning morning with the pits like a mill pond, and full of common wildfowl. A July Cuckoo was welcome, plus 3 different Marsh Harriers on the hunt around south pit. Greenshank over, a pair of LRP on south island and 2 Green Sands amongst the sallows. Every bush seemed to have a juv Whitethroat in it, so I assume they`ve had a good season.
On the moth front July Highflyer and L-album Wainscot of note in the Plovers trap, Vestal at the Obs, plus Orache Moth, a rare immigrant from the continent, at the Kerton Road Cafe (trapped by the Mathematician at Greatstone).
Off the Marsh today (Bognor Regis...), but Glaucous Gull and GWEgret reported from their usual haunts on the peninsula.
L-album Wainscot - regularly caught in traps around Greatstone where it haunts Marram amongst the sand dunes. Almost certainly breeds locally and also a migrant.

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