Monday, 4 July 2011

Botony Point

Dungeness - warm, dry and sunny, ne2 - Spent the morning mostly looking at the ground! Strange pursuit botonising (is there such a word?) with Joan, a visitor from Humberside, who during the course of the morning noted down 85 species of wild flowers. She was chuffed to bits with plants we take for-granted down here on the shingle (Yellow-horned Poppy, Dodder and Vipers Bugloss, for example) and was particularly pleased to see Sea Pea (thanks to the Chief for the tip off) and the delightfully named, and largely restricted to Dungeness, Stinking Hawk`s-beard, which actually smells like TCP when crushed (ta to She-who-Must-be-obeyed for showing us around her garden, in all its glory, at the Kerton Road Cafe).
On the bird reserve, Hobby, Bearded Tits and Cuckoo noted at Dengemarsh, plus 2 Greenshanks and a Green Sand from Screen hide on ARC. Lapwings on the move everywhere today
The only moth of note in the Plovers trap last night was Purple Bar, the first of the year.

Stinking Hawk`s Beard & Sea Pea, Dungeness

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