Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Ton of Moths

Dungeness, Greatstone and Lade - mild, sunny early, clouding over mid-morning, ne1 - Spent the morning showing Karen and Sarah the contents of 10 moth traps from across the National Nature Reserve, during which time we racked up around 100 macros and a goodly number of micros, many of which were photographed. The highlight was a near perfect migrant Bedstraw Hawk-moth trapped at the bird reserve last night (less than 10 Dunge records) and photographed at the Obs, along with Scarce Chocolate-tip. Dungeness specialities such as, Pale Grass Eggars and Sussex Emerald proved popular, while White-point, Gold Spot, Double Kidney, Lesser Swallow Prom, Iron Prom, Drinker, Toadflax Brocade, Pigmy Footman and Bordered Sallow were all gratefully received.
                                         Kerton Road Cafe
                                          Oak and Pale Grass Eggars, Kerton Road Cafe
                                         Scarce Chocolate-tip, DBO
                                           Bedstraw Hawk-moth, RSPB
Whilst at the Obs migrants (birds!) were still being caught, including a Nightingale earlier and a Green pecker whilst we were there.
                                          A very annoyed, juv Green Woodpecker, DBO!

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