Sunday, 30 June 2013

Glasto & Moths Galore

Lade - midnight - Just in case anybody was wondering about the post title, "Moths Galore" did not appear at Glasto last night, but I did sit up `til late to watch a bunch of septuagenarians cavorting around the Pyramid Stage, just to see what all the fuss was all about...  Oh dear, old rubber lips has lost his voice and they only got through the set (musically, if you catch my drift...) due to a brilliant backing band. I consider myself (perhaps a touch pompously - ok, a lot!!) fortunate to have grown up in the best period for music ever - the 1970`s of course!
For me it started with Pink Floyd and Bowie and ended with The Clash, so I never really `got` the Stones `thing`. However, what I did see of the festival, the highlights for me were Elvis Costello and Billy Bragg, a couple of angry old singer song-writers with something meaningful to say, while without trying to be a  `get-down- with-the-kids` kind of a guy, I quite liked the English rapper/dance band, Example (I just hope my kids don`t read this drivel...).
Anyhow, where was this post going... Oh, yes once I`d got fed up with the Honky Tonk band I stepped outside and checked the trap and there were insects flying everywhere, while I could plainly hear Med Gulls calling amongst a cacophony of Bhgulls in the distance.
0530hrs - warm, dry, sunny, light airs - Following a mild, still night the Plovers trap was predictably packed with moths this morning. Tawny Shears and Heart and Dart comprised the bulk of the catch, along with highlights such as 6 White Spots, White-point and 5 new species for year including Light and Grass Emeralds, Cypress Carpet and Marbled Coronet.

                                Cypress Carpet

                                Grass Emerald

                                Light Emerald

                                 Marbled Coronet, new for the year, what a cracker

Over the pits a juv Little Egret, presumably from the Lydd heronry, was perched incongruously on the wall `mirror`and a Cuckoo was still singing from the reedbed. Apart from separating a dog fight (not involving goodie two-shoes Barney) it was pretty quiet.
Called in at the Kerton Road Café where Rosy Wave (Nationally Scarce B) and Small Seraphin (locally distributed) were ensconced in the fridge, while Small Marbled (rare migrant) was on the way.

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  1. 1970's best decade for music? Without a doubt...