Sunday, 1 November 2015

Flowering plants

Lade - 1000hrs - Once the B&B guests had departed we headed out for a tour of the local patch in sweltering weather conditions, attired in shorts and T shirt. Most of the early morning fog had cleared to leave hazy light and a faint zephyr so we tramped out across the shingle to Mockmill, which was fairly quiet bird wise with just a scattering of Robins, Goldcrests and Blackbirds, plus 2 each of Stonechat and Cetti`s Warbler, a brief flight view of a Short-eared Owl and a couple of Kestrels.
However, what struck me most was the number of plants still in flower hereabouts. The whites of catchfly, bramble and dolly belles, yellows of honeysuckle and ragwort, blues of scabious and bugloss, alongside the reds of ragged robin and valerian. Flowering plants all having a last hurrah of `summer` on the opening day of November.

                                Bramble runners
                                Ragged Robin


                               Robin, the most abundant passerine this morning

It was no surprise that a variety of insects were on the wings, mainly bees and wasps, hawker dragonflies, a silver y, plus red admiral, small tortoiseshell and painted lady butterflies to name but a few.
A quick scan of south lake revealed no change to the thousand plus assemblage of waterfowl.
This afternoon the plan was to check out the beach on a falling tide, but we were thwarted by the weather as a great bank of swirling fog rolled in off the sea putting paid to any further activity, and so with the distant drone of the Dungeness fog horn in our ears we called it a day.


  1. Around 200yds visibility all day here on Sheppey Paul, in the dense fog and cold and damp with it. You were very lucky.
    As for flowering plants, we've had brambles and dog roses coming back into flower and at the rate that the autumn sown rape is growing, that could be in flower by Christmas!

  2. And it looks as though we`ve got another week of these mild conditions, so more weird stuff to come...

  3. Well I'd rather have your weird warm sunshine than our weird dense fog, really thick again on the marsh this morning.