Thursday 5 November 2015

British Sea Power on Autumnwatch

Lade  - cloudy, mild, sw 4 - I don't know why but it had an end of season feel to proceedings today, probably due to the prospect of a change in the weather and a run of depressions sweeping in from the Atlantic with associated strong winds and rain. The only migrants around the place were several back garden Goldcrests and Goldfinches passing overhead.
This afternoon at last knockings we settled down at the top of Mockmill where a steady stream of corvids were heading towards the Oppen pits roost. There must`ve been well over a thousand with Jackdaws in the ascendancy, plus hundreds of Woodpigeons, Stock Doves and Starlings. Six Marsh Harriers made light of the strengthening breeze flushing 2 Snipe and a few Mipits along the way. There was no sign of the recent Short-eared Owl, but just before lights out a Barn Owl put in an appearance from Lade north way.
Autumnwatch - I see the popular BBC Autumnwatch show has been on our screens this week with the usual trio now based on the Solway Firth at the Wildfowl and Wetland reserve at Caerlaverock, so lots of stuff on rutting deer, Badgers and Barnacle Geese etc.
I`ve only dipped in and out but there doesn't seem to have been the usual level of tomfoolery from the hosts, and there have been one two interesting items. I particularly enjoyed the night diving from Sark and the piece on Sexton Beetles, much of which was new to me, along with Chris Packham`s superb explanation of the structure of a deer`s eye ,which enables them to see at night time.
However, the highlight for me was on the Unsprung episode which featured one of my favourite indie bands, British Sea Power. Keyboard player Martin Noble is a keen birder and together with two other band members they did a cracking acoustic version of the song Blackout off The Decline of British Sea Power album. If you missed it, check it out on the i-player.

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