Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hot and Humid

Lade - warm, humid, sunshine, cloudy later, se 2 - A sticky old morning from the off; a summers day at last. Nothing much of note over the pits apart from a few Swifts and 2 Little Egrets. In the garden trap 12 species of moths with Flame Shoulder new for the year, while a Sand Dart was trapped at the Kerton Road CafĂ©.

                                          Flame Shoulder

                                          Light Brocade

Dungeness  - Checked out the Patch just in case the Rosy Terns had reappeared, but all that was present were 30 Common Terns and a number of mainly immature gulls. A male Black Redstart was still holding territory in the power station and a Stonechat was a surprise on the fenceline.

                                Black Redstart, Dungeness

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