Friday, 7 June 2013

Sabre Wasp

Lade - 0800hrs - cool, dry, cloudy, sunny later, ne 3 - A poor catch in the moth trap last night with only Vines Rustic and Tawny Marbled Minor new for the year. Down the road at the café much more of the same with loads of Light Feathered Rustics and Tawny Shears, plus a couple of hawkmoths from Boulderwall and a Sabre Wasp that gave me a dig; ouch!

                                Eyed Hawkmoth

                                Poplar Hawkmoth

                                Sabre Wasp - to be avoided at all costs...

RSPB - Dipped in and out throughout the day with just the usual breeders evident. At the south end of ARC a motley collection of dabbling ducks and plenty of Swifts over the lake. Six Little Egrets and a ringtail Hen Harrier were noted on Dengemarsh this afternoon (BH) and I had distant views of the harrier from Boulderwall. The Little Owl showed well sheltering from the brisk north-easter (will it ever ease up and go round to the south?).

                                Little Owl

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