Thursday, 27 June 2013

Local Patch

Lade - 0600hrs  - warm, sunny morning, cool cloudy afternoon, sw 3 - Exactly 20 species in the garden moth trap this morning with Light Arches and Uncertain new for the season.
Had a good look around the pits where the wildfowl numbers continue to build, particularly Pochard. A few House Martins over south pit and a Little Egret were the only noteworthy birds.
Having not had any `proper` rain down here for a while now the shingle ridge grasses are looking brown and parched, although many of the wild flowers are in full bloom with the bugloss, valerian and broom forming the main spectacle.
ARC - 1600hrs  - More House Martins over the water, plus all the usual wildfowl, 2 Common Terns, Lapwings and Redshank. Green Woodpeckers have nested again in one of the power line poles and the juvs were out of the nest being fed by the adults. An Oystercatcher was worrying a fox that was sniffing out its young until Barney took up the challenge and chased it off. Cuckoo still singing by Tower Pits and a Hobby overhead was about it.

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