Monday 15 June 2015

Birthday Barney

Lade - cool, cloudy, drizzle, brighter later, ne 3 - A surprisingly good haul of moths in the garden trap this morning considering how cool it was last night, including Eyed Hawk-moth, Light Arches and Peppered Moth NFY.
A wander over the pits, in fleece and coat, revealed a host of Swifts low over the water hunting insects. Along the beach the pair of Ringed Plovers had miraculously got two juvs to flying stage.

                                Eyed Hawk-moth, Lade

Dungeness - There was nothing much happening at the Patch apart from three Med Gulls, 20 Common Terns and 200 Black-headed Gulls amongst the usual motley collection of big gulls. Two Black Redstarts sang from the power station complex and a Wheatear fed young opposite Jarman`s.
Birthday Boy - Today was Barney`s birthday (how sad is that, knowing the mutts big day...), he`s nine years old, that makes him about middle age in dog years, so similar to me. He is the very best birding companion, always pleased to see me and never argues with any of my identifications..., but isn't too keen on seawatching; he`s just happy to be out and about around the Marsh, snuffling around and has even flushed a few goodies over the years. Happy birthday old mate.

                                Birthday Barney


  1. Same age as you?! I think Barney is actually considerably younger :-)

    1. Probably acts younger Steve.
      We're totally on the same wave-length re. the dogs Paul, I have both my dogs' birthdays marked on the calender - even sadder perhaps. Best companions that you can get on a walk in the countryside.

  2. Thanks Steve! He certainly acts like it, skipping around like a puppy at times, whereas my skipping days are, well,.... Derek, you`ve made my day, so I`m not alone! They are brilliant side kicks though, and so loyal.