Thursday 24 February 2011

14 Degrees Centigrade!

Dungeness National Nature Reserve - warm, dry, sunny S2 - In the words of Dinah Washington, "What a Difference a Day Makes". Following yesterdays deluge today was positively spring-like with temperatures into the low teens by early afternoon. At Lade a superb drake Smew was on south pit, along with a Sheldrake and ten head-bobbing Goldeneyes. From the raptor viewpoint 4 Marsh Harriers, Buzzard and Kestrel thermaled over the airport while a pack of babbling Brents clipped the Peninsula and headed east.
On the ARC pit at least 9 Smew, 2 Ruddies and a Slav Grebe counted from the Screen hide. A Bittern showed briefly on Water Tower pits, as did a Firecrest in the pines by the railway track. Several more Marsh Harriers over the Desert and two singing Cetti`s Warblers in the willow scrub.

                                                                       Smew, ARC      

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