Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Lade - 0700hrs - cool, cloudy, drizzle, n 2 - Another grotty start to the day with only 12 species of moths in the garden trap. A circuit of the local patch delivered very little in the dreary `summer` weather, but then there`s always Oystercatchers to brighten up a dull day. I like Oycs, they`re real characterful birds as I see and hear `em on a daily basis with the rise and fall of the tide. This time of year some are breeding and as they`re one of the few waders that feed their young directly means they can nest in all sorts of odd locations from roof tops (RSPB VC) to a flat topped, scrubby island with scaffold poles for perches at Lade! This morning another pair encroached on the regulars patch and they went berserk, chasing the interlopers across the lake. Once things had settled down it was good to see an adult flying in from the bay with what looked like a juicy shellfish for a juv.

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