Tuesday 21 December 2021

Grey Geese

 Dengemarsh - cold, dry and sunny, light airs - Dengemarsh Road was the place to be today with a visit to the field with the dung heap by Manor Farm attracting a large flock of several hundred Greylag Geese that harboured at least 30 White-fronted, five Tundra Bean Geese and a single Pink-footed Goose. Not long after I arrived on site the flock was disturbed by a low-flying plane and moved onto the lake on the bird reserve where they were best viewed from Dengemarsh hide.

                                  Sunset over the ranges

A late afternoon visit along Dengemarsh Road for this winter`s Starling murmuration with the family was a resounding success. Thousands of birds performed an aerial ballet over the wetlands at dusk before eventually settling down to roost in Hooker`s reedbed. Four Marsh Harriers were also present, plus a Sparrowhawk which caught a Starling for supper, while a distant Short-eared Owl quartered the rough ground over the Army ranges. Several each of Little and Great White Egrets also departed as dusk approached for their roost site over the road on ARC.

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