Monday 25 January 2021

Bay waders

Lade - cold, icy, sunny, w2 - A light overnight dusting of snow combined with sub-zero temperatures made for hazardous walking first thing due to ice fusing the pebbles tightly together. The lakes were much of a muchness so I decided to try and count the bay waders on the outgoing tide. Numbers were disappointingly low apart from 324 Curlews and 820 Oystercatchers, plus 12 Grey Plovers, 15 Sanderlings, 25 Turnstones, 14 Barwits, six Redshanks and four Ringed Plovers. I could not find a single Dunlin or Knot, most unusual. 

                                  Barney on the snowfields!

                                  Grey Plovers among the gulls

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