Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Lockdown 3

 Lade - cold, cloudy, wet, ne 2 - Well, here we go again as we enter lockdown number three which will more than likely be with us til mid-February at the earliest; this lockdown appears to be more akin to the first one implemented last March than the slacker one just gone. Either way it doesn`t make a great deal of difference to me as I stay mainly local anyways. 

                                Oystercatchers flying to roost this afternoon

  Walking out from the cottage this week in the cold and wet has not been a particularly pleasant experience and on more than one occasion we`ve had a right good old soaking. However, this afternoon there was a brief glimmer of brightness whilst we were on the beach, but for the most part it has been overcast with Mordor-like light conditions. The Lade wetlands have been quiet with no real change from my last post and apart from Oystercatcher (960) and Curlew (320) wader numbers on the bay have been few and far between.                                                                                                                                         There has been little change to the birds on the Dungeness RSPB reserve where from today onwards, until further notice, the car parks, trails and toilets will be open daily for local visitors from 10am - 4pm, while all hides and the visitor centre remain closed. As far as I`m aware access to the Estate is currently still open, although the situation is being reviewed. 

                                 Barney on the beach

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