Thursday 15 December 2011

Brents and Kitts

Lade - am - cool, sunny, w3 - Two visits to the local patch this morning yielded all the usual wildfowl, plus a flock of 15 nervous looking Brents on south pit. Don`t often get them dropping in and when they do they rarely stay for long. Also two Chiffchaffs in the buddleia scrub and a Marsh Harrier over the farmland.

                                           Brents, Lade south

Dungeness Boats - 1445hrs - Spent the final hour of usable daylight doing a half-hearted seawatch from the concrete road with MH. Bird of the watch was a steady flow of Kittiwakes around the point. Kitts are undeniable gorgeous creatures (for a gull!) and eminently watchable. Little else though, apart from a few Gannets and a distant diver. A pleasant enough winters afternoon weather wise but according to the forecast we could be in for a rough night with heavy rain and gale force winds heading our way. Mmm, lets just wait and see...

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