Monday 12 December 2011

Ten Wader Challenge

Lade Bay - dry, sunny, start, cloudy, showery afternoon, sw3 - Spent some time checking the shorebirds across the bay today and playing the Ten Wader Challenge - I`m easily pleased....During the winter 10 species of shorebirds are present, in variable numbers, all feeding in their allotted niches on the mud, sand and shingle. As usual Redshank, Ringed and Grey Plovers proved the trickiest but eventually found several of each down at Littlestone, along with Turnstones picking through the flotsam on the tideline. Oystercatchers numbered over 700 and Curlews 550 with at least 200 each of Dunlins and Sanderlings, scurrying along in front of the waves. Small numbers of Barwits and Knots also noted on the sands dodging the bait diggers.
As for gulls, there were thousands of `em, and far too many to count, plus 3 Brents and 10 Wigeons..
Local news included the wintering Rough-legged Buzzard at Nickoll`s Quarry, West Hythe, while at the bird reserve the Penduline Tit put in an appearance this afternoon (per MH).

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