Wednesday 14 November 2012

Pallas`s Warbler

Dungeness - 0830hrs - Mild, sunny, e2 - Parked up by the lighthouse and together with Barney we worked the grassy ridges nearby looking for buntings. Whilst chatting to PB near the boats a Lapland Bunting duly flew over calling, heading west, but despite a search up the beach it was not relocated. A few Skylarks, Greenfinches, Goldfinches and Starlings about the place, plus half a dozen Goldcrests in a private garden. A Little Owl was reported earlier on one of the old fishing sheds (DB).

                                          Magpie, Dungeness

Just arrived at Greatstone when DW called telling of a Pallas`s Warbler in the Obs garden. This elicited a rapid about turn in order to see one of my favourite migrants; and I was not to be disappointed. Together with a group of locals we all had crippling views of this stripy sprite as it performed within a flock of Goldcrests in full sunshine as we watched from the moat; and it even survived a Sparrowhawk attack! At one stage it was feeding out in the open on tree mallows, beside the oil-tank, affording some of the best views I`ve ever had of this super Sibe. It is rare that you get such an opportunity to watch a Pallas`s at close range and it certainly makes a change from the norm of a combination of neck ache and restricted canopy views. Digi-scoping is out of the question with such a bird, but there should be some good pics around on Plodding Birder`s blog and the DBO website.

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