Friday 22 July 2016

Double Kidney

Lade - warm, dry, sunny, e 2 - 0700hrs -Marbled Green was the only new for the year amongst 34 species of macros in the garden trap, although a late White Spot was of note. We then walked up the beach, noting 12 Ringed Plovers en-route, to the Kerton Road Café where the two traps were heaving with moths. It took a while but 45 species of macros were eventually recorded with one tricky pug awaiting the moth lord's deliberation. 20 Sussex Emeralds were logged, making it 193 so far this summer at the café trap site. Other goodies included Early Thorn, White Satin, July Highflyer, Kent Black Arches and Double Kidney.

                                Double Kidney - a scarce moth down here

                                Sussex Emeralds - female top, male bottom

                                July Highflyer - a common summer moth in small numbers

  The walk back across the Desert, via the gravel pits, was largely uneventful with just a solitary Common Sandpiper on the lake and several Yellow Wagtails over south.

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