Monday, 31 December 2018

Last Rites

Lade - mild, cloudy and still - A circuit of the local patch delivered good views of Goldeneye action  close to the bank on south lake. On the mill-pond like surface the drakes rattled away and chucked back their heads as they displayed to the nonchalant redheads. Otherwise it was a similar avian picture to the past week.
  Needless to say there were no late additions to the Plovers year list (not that I`m a keen lister) which ended on 218 species for the Romney Marsh area, so about average.

                                Displaying Goldeneyes, Lade

  On a more sobering note there was much activity hereabouts this morning when a group of migrants landed on the beach in a rubber dingy. The Border Force helicopter clattered overhead for ages as eight people were rounded up by the police and detained. When something like this happens on your doorstep it puts our cosseted lifestyle in some sort of perspective.
  A happy and peaceful New Year to one and all.


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