Monday, 12 April 2021

Common Terns

 Lade - cold, frosty start, snow flurries, brighter later, N1 - Another crazy day of weather with a frigid 3C at noon; this time last year it was around the 20C mark! The undoubted highlight was a flock of 12 Common Terns sat on the sea, our first of the year, just before high tide along with two Kittiwakes, 23 Great Crested Grebes and two Grey Seals, plus 10 passing Sandwich Terns. On the lakes 10 Swallows low over the water feeding, a couple more Whitethroats in and singing along with further Reed and Sedge Warblers. A late afternoon check of the bay on the ebb tide produced 20 noisy Sandwich Terns, two Mediterranean Gulls and the usual waders.

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