Sunday 15 May 2022

House Martins

New Romney - warm, dry and cloudy, E3 - This weekend I left the car in the driveway and walked out from home for some early morning birding in the Marsh countryside around the town. There were no real surprises but it was good to see a few House Martins building their mud nests under eaves on a nearby housing estate. Reed Warblers have moved in en-mass with marginal reedbeds along all the local sewers having a singing male every 50 yards or so, and while most proved tricky to actually see I did manage to snap a few pics of one yesterday with the old bridge camera; Lesser Whitethroats, Garden and Cetti`s Warbler were all included in a suite of nine species of warblers across the Romney area.

                                 Reed Bunting and Warbler, New Sewer

                                 Marsh Frogs, Dengemarsh Sewer

Interestingly while Corn Bunting, Tree Sparrow and Yellow Wagtail are present in small numbers south of the town around Belgar Farm they appear to be absent from the Hope Lane loop. Also noted during my perambulations: Dabchick, a Mallard with eight ducklings (two down from a week ago), Grey Heron, several Buzzards, Kestrel, Cuckoo (two sites), Raven over, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Swifts over, Skylarks, Linnets and Yellowhammers.

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