Wednesday 11 May 2016

Appledore Rain Forest

Park Wood - muggy, misty, light airs - With poor visibility on the coast we headed for the woods this morning - and into a monsoon at Appledore! As we pulled up in the car park the tempest eased, but rain water continued to stream off the canopy for the next half an hour; and with steam rising off the woodland floor the atmosphere was more tropical rain forest than English deciduous wood. However, the extreme weather didn't seem to bother the Nightingale symphony, which the guests enjoyed, along with all the usual woodland species, most of which were only heard due to the leaf cover being almost complete.

                                Yellowhammer, Kennardington

Kenardington - Dropping down on to the Marsh a walk beside the canal delivered a decent crop of wayside birds including Lesser Whitethroat, two Cuckoos, Sparrowhawk, Buzzard, Reed Bunting,  Yellowhammer and three Little Egrets in the marshy field.
During the three days we clocked up 97 species of birds, the highlight for the guests being the Black Terns at the Patch, Yellow Wagtails and Corn Buntings at Scotney farm, Garganey and Hobbies at Dengemarsh and the Nightingales at Park Wood.

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