Thursday 26 May 2016

Laughing Gull

Dungeness - 0800hrs - warm, dry and sunny - As predicted yesterdays Laughing Gull at Hastings sea front decamped to The Patch this morning and put on a fine show for a small gathering of local birders. It was a cracking adult in full breeding plumage, and as gulls go was a very smart beast indeed. When we arrived it was sat on the beach amongst the riff-raff, but it also flew out over the Patch to feed before settling once more on the beach.
  This was a new bird for me at Dungeness, where the last record was of a 2nd year individual on 10-13th November 2005.

                                Adult Laughing Gull, Dungeness

Lade - Some of the more mature birders out there may remember some good nights (and even a lock-in or two) at The Ship pub, Lade. For the past seven years it has laid derelict, but the builders have now moved in and demolition commenced today to make way for four houses.

                                The Ship, Lade

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