Monday 2 May 2016

Cathedrel of the Marsh

Lydd - cool, overcast, drizzle, sw 4 - I spent the morning atop the church tower in Lydd for the annual RSPB/All Saints Church Heron watch, in less than favourable weather conditions. As a result most of the juv herons, or `branchers` were hunkered down trying to keep warm, until an adult flew in and then all hell broke loose! Incredibly one very late single egg had just hatched and we watched the adult help the chick out of the shell in the most delicate manner for such a big, clumsy bird, after which it delivered its first feed and then soon settled down to brood its nestling.

                                One month old `Branchers`

                                First feed

                               New born chick

  The Little Egrets also performed well for the groups that made the climb up the tower with two nests situated just below in the Holm oaks at the corner of Dennes Lane. Having already counted twice from below I can confirm there are 26 occupied nests of Grey Herons and 6 Little Egrets.

                               Little Egrets and Grey Heron, Lydd


  1. Thanks Ken, but its a gift from atop that church tower. I`m surprised more bird photographers don't take up the opportunity, as with a long tom SLR the results would be much better than my bridge camera