Wednesday 15 July 2020

Birthday Boy!

Lade - mild, cloudy, nw 2 - Another overcast day with a fresh northerly airflow early on. It was Barney`s 14th birthday and he looked much more bouncy this morning following a haircut from Pat yesterday; Border Terriers have a thick undercoat and suffer terribly in the heat of summer. So we were up and about early around the local patch where increasing evidence of the approaching autumn season was apparent with the first Common Sandpiper of autumn flitting over south lake and eventually landing on the new island at the southern end.
                               Common Sandpiper, south lake

                                Hedge Brown on gorse

                               Yesterday after his haircut

                                Barney at 14

An hour at the fishing boats this afternoon was typically pedestrian for the time of year with a few fishing Common Terns close in and Kittiwakes further out, plus two auks, thee coasting Swifts and singles of Harbour Porpoise and Grey Seal.


  1. Wow, Barney looks well for 14. Hedge Brown threw me, I've only ever known it as Gatekeeper.

  2. Happy Birthday Barney. Looking good.

  3. Many thanks to one and all for your comments on the old mutt. Guess I`m just old school with the Hedge Brown name Derek! All the best on the island.