Tuesday, 2 March 2021


 Lade - mild, sunny, light airs - Starling murmurations are one of the few great wildlife spectacles still on offer in this crowded island of ours. Down the years I`ve witnessed many such remarkable displays of avian wingmanship involving (probably) many millions of birds from the Somerset Levels and Brighton pier, to Luton town centre and the Hoo peninsula, breathtaking to watch, each and everyone. Here on the Marsh there have also been some impressive gatherings in my time - Cheyne Ct, Newchurch and Dengemarsh, plus The Leas in Folkestone to name but a few, and this past month across the Dungeness NNR. Yesterday evening we caught up with the swirling, chattering masses as they performed an aerial ballet over the Oppen Pits. I wouldn`t even hazard a guess at the numbers but it must`ve been in the tens of thousands. My pics did not do the spectacle any justice, for that go to: www.ploddingbirder.blogspot.com 

                                  Starling murmuration over the Oppen Pits

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