Thursday 15 January 2015

Hythe heron

Lade - wet and windy, sw 6-8 - Another shocking period of weather with overnight gale force winds and torrential rain rattling around the cottage causing it creak and groan. By daybreak the winds had lessened in strength, but the rain continued off and on throughout the day in the shape of hefty showers. We ventured over the local patch during a dry interlude, but there was little of note apart from the usual wildfowl.
Nickoll`s Quarry  - Had to go to Hythe this morning, and against my better judgement considering the weather conditions, decided to give the Night Heron a go en-route. Anyhow, it proved to be a comedy of errors as I got soaked to the skin and covered in mud by slipping over along the track from Palmarsh which resembled a swamp; and just for good measure I got bit by a dog! When I aimed a boot at the savage beast and remonstrated with the owner he told me to, "f-off and get a life". I just couldn`t be asked to get into a row, so I took his advice and left. I never did find the damn bird, but would strongly advise anyone visiting site over the coming days to wear a wet suit and flippers, and avoid a fat bloke with a Labrador, a terrier and a bad attitude.
But what is it with Hythe and herons? In the words of Blackadder, "I smell something fishy, and I`m not talking about the contents of Baldrick`s apple crumble". Last year a pond heron, a few years before a Green Heron and a Night Heron, and now another of the latter;  come on, someone`s having a laugh at our expense, and what about that zoo up on the hill...  


  1. Sorry Paul, I know I shouldn't laugh, but slipping in mud, getting soaking wet and bitten by a dog - all in pursuit of a probable escapee bird! Although the dog's owner showed pathetic control over his dog and should of apologised for it's actions his "get a life" statement did rather echo my own sentiments about those who choose to twitch birds and suffer as you did for nought.

  2. Thanks Derek, you weren`t the only one who had a good laugh at my expense - can`t remember the last time I got bit by a dog! As for twitching, I`m lousy at it, about time I grew up, always in the wrong place at the wrong time, but nowadays limit my range to the Romney Marsh. I agree with you about the dog owner`s "get a life" remark, he got it spot on. All the best to you and the dogs for the coming year.

  3. Well said Paul, a man with a sense of humour.