Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Weather change

Lade - mild, cloudy, wet, w 5 - What a difference a day makes with the light airs and sunshine of yesterday giving way to yet another weather front bringing rain off the Atlantic; although staying mild, for the time being at least... On the local patch most of the wildfowl were sheltering from the wind behind islands or around the willow swamp, while the singing Robins, Dunnocks and a Song Thrush from the day before were now silent.
ARC - The usual wildfowl here including two Goosander and a Smew from the causeway road, plus Bittern, Kingfisher and Great White Egret from Screen hide. Wandered down to the pines where Barney found some tender bramble leaves to ease his stomach upset; he always seeks this particular leaf which must have the soothing herbal qualities he requires.

Scotney - The first winter Scaup was at the Sussex end and at least one Black-necked Grebe sheltered behind a bank, while the usual feral geese were on the grass.
Lydd - One sorry looking Cattle Egret was hunkered down behind a shed in the field opposite Wraxalls stone yard.
                                Cattle Egret, Lydd

Dungeness - An hour at the fishing boats this afternoon was largely uneventful with the usual Kittiwakes, Gannets and auks fishing offshore. Hundreds of large gulls roosted on the beach, but I could find nothing of note amongst them.
Dungeness RSPB - Thanks are due to the staff who organised yesterday evenings volunteers quiz at the visitors centre, where a good time was had by all.


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