Friday, 27 March 2020

Black Redstart

Lade - cool, dry and sunny, ne 3 - Lockdown Day 4 - The wind slackened off overnight making for much better conditions for our circuit of the local patch this morning where the only migrant was a Black Redstart on the fence line by Kerton Rd pit. Meadow Pipit and Skylark were in song on the desert and a male Stonechat displayed to a potential mate. Approaching the willow swamp I noticed that most of the wildfowl had retreated to the far side of south lake over by the wall `mirror`, a sure sign that fishermen were present. Two fellas were seen with all their night tackle walking back towards  Leonard Rd, while two more were still camped in the willows just off the causeway track, one of whom is a serial offender and best not approached. I guess there will be a fair bit more of this kind of flouting of the rules in the current climate, although fishing is, of course banned here whenever.

                                All night fishing camp

Lockdown List
I`ve decided to keep a list on the local patch for the duration of the lockdown which will include birds seen or heard during our walking circuit of lake, beach, bay and desert, plus the Plovers garden.
This mornings Black Redstart was the 70th species.


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