Tuesday 14 April 2020


Lade - Lockdown Day 22 - cold and cloudy, ne 2 - As we move into our fourth week of lockdown the long trousers and fleece were back out for our daily tour of the local patch in wintry temperatures, although it warmed up a little this afternoon as the sun broke through the cloud cover. It remains very dry here with no useful rain for some weeks now and the wind has already `browned off` some of the plants; a drop of rain might not only help the flora but it might ground a few migrants too.
  Talking of which there were very few present this morning and only Blackcaps putting on a show with at least five across the site along with several Chiffchaffs around the ponds. Judging from the amount of vocalising it would seem that a pair of Green Woodpeckers are breeding in the willow swamp.

                                First patch of Broom in flower

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