Saturday 11 April 2020

Eyes in the sky

Lade - Lockdown Day 19 - Warm, dry and sunny, light airs - Yet another fine day with a light zephyr coming off the bay. Scanning across the desert was a surreal experience as a large drone flew over the peninsula checking on goodness knows what before landing at Lydd airport.
  Our circuit of the local patch was largely uneventful, although a pair of Shelducks on south lake, for all of five minutes, was new for the Lockdown List at 93. No new passerines were noted, but there was still the same warbler activity around the ponds as yesterday.
  Red Kites maybe commonplace up country now as a result of the various re-introduction programmes, yet down here they`re still something of a big deal, so it was good to see one soaring up the coast sending the local Herring Gulls into a lather. Several Common Buzzards and Marsh Harriers thermalled over the airfield. 
  A Muslin Moth was one of only two moths in the garden trap this morning.

                               Muslin Moth

                               Lesser-spotted Dogfish


  1. Paul,On calm mornings the drone,based at Lydd,is searching in the Channel from Dungeness to Deal for migrants.

  2. Yes, I managed to get the reg no. today: G-TEKV. As you rightly state, in use by the UK Border Force, cheers.