Monday, 24 August 2015

Distant stints

ARC - 1500 & 1800hrs - mild, sunshine and showers, sw 3 - News came through this afternoon of a Temminck`s Stint on the Cormorant island. However, the light was poor, initially, and views were distant, while the bird was alongside a classic juvenile Little Stint, which looked huge by comparison (how often do you see the two species side by side...). Due to the dramatic size difference and lack of plumage details, Least Sandpiper was mooted, but the bird was behaving like a Temminck`s Stint with a jerky and precise feeding action. The legs were pale, greenish yellow, and due to its size the bird had to be either a Temminck`s, Least Sandpiper or Long-toed Stint (well, we can dream!). Anyhow, during the course of the afternoon and early evening a number of observers with high powered scopes, plus the improving light conditions, confirmed it as a Temminck`s, the clincher being the white outer tail feathers noted in flight. Mind you, I`d still like to see it on a closer island tomorrow, if it remains overnight.
Other birds noted included Wood and Common Sandpipers, Ruff, LRP, Garganey, Black Tern and Peregrine.

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